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The Demon Warrior Looks at Time Slips and Teleportation

August 6, 2005

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter/Demonologist

Before I talk about time slips and teleportation, take a new look at my Demon Warrior costume here:¤t=DW.jpg

This was drawn by my Jazma Online! former Vice President/CEO William Carlisle! Thank you William. The Demon Warrior is back in action. It seems like the demons of the world are out in full force, because I was telephonically contacted by Monique Navarette of Dallas, Texas. She tells me that for one week now a demon has been harassing her. The demon will touch her feet while she is asleep. He will watch her sleep, which makes her go into a state of depression. The demon is a grayish black smoky figure. Her father has seen it and her little brother has seen it. One night the demon was angry and threw a water bottle at her. He moved the shower curtain and violently shook the closet doors. Monique was terrified. She called me in desperation and asked if there is anything I can do for her. I suggested the following steps. That she goes out and purchase angelic figurines. Each angel figurine should be blessed with holy water. Each angel figurine should be strategically placed on window sills and all entrances of the home. I told her to consult her clergyman and have him bless the home. I said some prayers with Monique, asking for a protection of God’s angels to watch over her home, family and Monique. I will be telephonically in touch with Monique, until she can get out of this dire situation.

Now let’s look at some strange paranormal phenomenon. Let’s talk about time slips. Did you know that an eminent naturalist named Ivan T. Sanderson, his wife and his assistant Frederick G. Allsop were doing a biological survey in Haiti, when they found themselves going from Haiti to Paris, France. Not only did they go to Paris, France from Haiti, they were in 15th Century France. Ivan was able to survey the streets of France and determine that the buildings were of 15th Century architecture. The three of them were amazed at what they were seeing and had no idea how they could be in an open field in the island of Haiti and find themselves in France. After walking around for a while in France, they decided to take a seat. Frederick who carried cigarettes for all three of them, started lighting up three cigarettes. As he finished lighting all three cigarettes, the landscape of 15th Century France changed back to present day Haiti. How did this time slip happen? Perhaps there are certain portals throughout the world in which rare time slips can occur that will take you into the past and even into the future. Scientists determine that time is actually parallel with the past, present and future. That in one linear line, one could walk from the past into the present and into the future. Perhaps through these time portals are where strange interdimensional beings come from. Perhaps UFOs use these portals to get from our world to another world.

A teacher in Holt, Norfolk actually time slipped into the future. The teacher saw a laundry mat that was once under construction, now completed and open for business. People were going in and out of the laundry mat utilizing the services that a laundry mat provides. The teacher was thrilled that there was now a completed laundry mat in his neighborhood and went home to tell his wife. His wife with 5 loads of laundry hurried over to the laundry mat only to find that the building was still under construction. The teacher actually went into a time slip and was probably 3 months out into the future.

Fortunately these people went into time slips and returned back to the present time safely. But, what happened to Isaac Martin, a farmer who walked into his field on April 25, 1885 and vanished in front of witnesses? He never returned. In broad daylight he simply walked into the field to conduct his tasks and vanished. When witnesses went to the area where he vanished they could hear his fading voice yelling for help. Where was he headed? Did he go into a time slip or was he taken to another dimension? From July to August of 1892 many people in Montreal simply vanished. No sign of foul play, they were gone. Were they abducted? Did they get consumed by a dimensional portal? In November 2, 1926, 8 people went missing in 3 days in Southend, England. Again, no sign of foul play, they were just gone. A really bizarre case was in August 5, 1920 in Belfast, 8 girls all age 12 vanished within a few days time. Where did they go? Why all girls? Why all the age of 12? An abduction experiment by extraterrestrials?

I will never forget back in 1988, I was driving in downtown Sacramento. I noticed a very good looking blonde in a short skirt walking down the sidewalk. Of course, I had to take notice. I turned my head for maybe a half a second and looked back and the blonde girl was no where to be seen. It was impossible for her to vanish so quickly. It was an open sidewalk with no places for her to hide. Where did she go? I know what I was seeing. I don’t imagine hot looking girls walking down sidewalks. I will never forget that strange sighting.

What if these missing people are walking into a disturbance in our atmosphere? A disturbance that causes a portal to manifest and swallow them up instantly. What if this portal is a time passage, or a dimensional passage? What if they teleported to another world? Case example, the Pansini boys ages 7 and 8 were walking around Bari, Italy and found themselves teleported to the town of Ruvo near a relative’s house. When they arrived to the relative’s house, both boys were disoriented.

A very famous case is Kaspar Hauser. Kaspar wandered into Nurnberg, Germany on May 1828. He could only say a few sentences. People suspected he was either 17 or 18 years old. No one knew where he came from. He seemed to have problems walking. He seemed very disoriented. Kaspar became a sensation throughout Europe. No one knew where he came from, but for some reason he was now there in Nurnberg. It was perplexing and mysterious for many. Many theories were brought forth. Kaspar later revealed that he was kept in a dark cell and his keeper was known as The Man. Later in life, he was mysteriously attacked. The attack that finally killed him was done in the snow. He claimed he was stabbed in the forehead by a masked man. After the stabbing, he soon died. The odd thing of this attack is the only footprints they could find in the snow, were those of Kaspar Hauser. How did he get stabbed in the forehead? Why would someone want to murder Kaspar? What people learned about Kaspar is that he had an uncanny ability to see and maneuver in the dark. Rumors circulated that he was once the Crown Prince of Bavaria and he was held in a dungeon, so he could not obtain his powers of ruler ship. Could the answer actually be that Kaspar was being kept prisoner by extraterrestrials. When Kaspar started learning the language, maybe it was time for his captors to take him out. If there were no outside footprints at the murder scene and Kaspar didn’t stab himself in the forehead, you only have one option left. Something paranormal took Kaspar out. But what was it?

I feel ancient civilizations knew about these portals, they knew about the magnetic balances of this world through ley lines and strategically placed monuments at key areas such as Stonehenge or the great Pyramids in Giza. Just like there is a Great Red Spot on Jupiter, there is the Bermuda Triangle on Earth. Strange planet anomalies that can be doorways from one world to another world. The universe is mysterious and I can only wonder if one day we will have all the answers.

Below are HPI News and Paranormal News!

Entertainment Finds Shannon and Paul:
Shannon and I have been working with Alex Rogers, Associate Producer – Picture Shack Entertainment/Animal Planet; Josh Halpert – Researcher of Raw TV and finally Luke Warren – Assistant Editor of Dog’s Today Magazine. We did a photo shoot for Dog’s Today Magazine at the Broadway Cemetery with HPI (pronounced Hi-Pee), Rocket and Pika. Shannon and I, feel HPI, Rocket and Pika have psychic abilities. While we were at the cemetery, all three dogs were barking at an area for no apparent reason and followed something that Shannon and I could not see. This lasted for 15 minutes. As things progress, I will let you know how we do with our entertainment friends. Note: HPI is a Corkie. Pika is a Jack Russell Terrier. Rocket is a poodle. HPI & Pika are boys. Rocket is a girl. Watch out Rocket!

Final Destination:
Remember the 2000 movie Final Destination? The movie is about a group of teenagers who cheat death by avoiding a plane crash when one of them, Alex, has a premonition of their deaths. Soon after their escape, they begin dying one-by-one in mysterious freak accidents. You remember the movie? Good. Well, a woman who missed Flight 447 from Brazil to France, died in a freak car accident afterwards. Could Final Destination have some foundation of truth? You be the judge.

Prelude to 2012:
What is going on in this world? Are we seeing the prelude to December 21, 2012? Watch HLN News and CNN News. The world has gotten crazy! The Swine Flu is declared a pandemic! North Korea is testing their nuclear capabilities with launching of test missiles! The war continues in Afghanistan and Iraq. Economy woes throughout the world. Homes up for foreclosure. People losing their jobs. Government takeover of banks. Hurricanes are getting worse. California grass and forest fires are out-of-control. Deforestation in the Amazon. Greenland is melting. Gas prices are going up. I believe the Mayans have it right…we are about ready to see a change and the change is not going to be good! Stay tuned!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator &
Shannon McCabe’s HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
My comic book The Legendary Dark Silhouette is being made into a movie, see link below: – You can actually get involved with this movie, find out how!
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Copyright 2009 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright 2009
all rights reserved.

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A Haunting in Modesto

August 6, 2005

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter/Paranormal Investigator

Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009. Busy day today, I have a preliminary investigation in Modesto, the home of George Lucas – Creator of American Graffiti and Star Wars. Modesto has infamous history, such as the notorious murder case of beautiful Laci Peterson. For more information on this case, see this link:

On this day, I will actually go to the Scott & Laci Peterson home. Rumor has it that the new owners are complaining about paranormal activity that is occurring in the home. Of course, this is only rumor by some Modesto natives.

One of my paranormal investigators Christina George tags along with me to Modesto for the preliminary. When we arrive to Modesto, I find a lovely modest home in the suburbs, owned by Jennifer Barragan and Brandon Babcock. Jennifer and Brandon have an interesting story to tell. They moved into this home one month ago and in the garage they found writing on the wall, it reads: “Watch out for ghosts and big axx widows!” This was sort of a red flag, that this house may have an unusual history, a haunting history.

I learn from Jennifer that the original owner lived in this house from 1969 to 2004. The owner died in this home in the back bedroom. When Jennifer and Brandon moved into this home, they had the following experiences:

1. Plates flew off shelves and one dinner plate flew about 20 feet.
2. Water in the bathroom came on at low pressure. This happened at 2am. Jennifer went to turn it off and when she went back to her bed, the water came on, this time full pressure. When she shut it off again, she yelled “stop it” and it stopped completely.
3. Jennifer’s dogs will not go to the fireplace (inside of the fireplace or outside of the fireplace).
4. Jennifer opened the attic and her dogs freaked out and almost knocked her off the ladder.
5. Jennifer’s youngest son became violent and moody for no apparent reason.
6. Jennifer feels an uneasiness when she nears the shed in the backyard.
7. Jennifer and Brandon find a Bible hidden inside of the garage wall. Note: Was this Bible being used as a deterrent for an unseen force?
8. Dogs will for no reason start barking towards the fireplace, one dog will act like its being attacked.
9. A man delivering pizza to the home told Jennifer and Brandon that the previous owner was working on his car and the car fell on top of him. He survived this ordeal. Shortly after the car falling on the previous owner, the previous owner with his family moved out in the middle of the night.
10. Jennifer has done her own investigation of the home using a digital camera and has taken ‘blizzard orbs’ (a multitude of orbs that give off a blizzard appearance) and classic designer orbs with intricate designs.
11. Jennifer’s two sons heard strange odd sounds late at night that sounded either like a garbage disposal or cat’s fighting, when they went out to see where the sound was coming from, they discovered nothing that could be causing the noises.

During my interview with Jennifer and Brandon, I had my HPI paranormal investigator Christina George doing EVP work and taking digital photos of various areas of the house. Christina George was unable to get any EVPs due to noise interference from outside.

To see pictures of this preliminary daytime investigation, go to this link:

To see Christina George’s write-up on this preliminary investigation, go here:

I will be going back to the Modesto house, because there were certain areas of this home that I felt queasy. I am not psychic, but for some reason I felt queasy in the back yard shed area and the garage area. Christina George went into the backyard shed and she felt something grab her arm. When she came out of the shed, her arm was all red. Yes, an investigation of this home is warranted.

Now, I want to talk about why are people afraid of ghosts?

Why are people afraid of ghosts? The majority of the investigations I have been on have been Casper hauntings. The home is usually inhabited with friendly spooks. Maybe the spook of the house will move the coffee mug from one end of the table to the other end. Is that something to be scared of? I don’t think so, but you will see the occupants of the house in a frazzle, because the coffee mug moved. When I was stationed in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, I remember going to Louisville and seeing the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) alongside the road handing out flyers. The KKK wear white robes because in the end days of the Civil War, they were pretending to be the ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers. The KKK brought out the fear factor by impersonating ghosts. How absolutely ridiculous this was, but yet it worked and to the present day, they still wear white robes. Ghosts are not something we need to worry about. We need to worry about darker forces. A dark force would be some practices of Voodoo. Some modern practices of Voodoo are non-threatening and you can say the more Earthly Voodoo ceremonies are misunderstood and misinterpreted.

The reason why good Voodoo is misinterpreted is because Voodoo had a darker side. The Voodoo I am referring to is when certain drugs are administered to a person, placing that person in a zombie state. Tetrodotoxin from the Puffer fish is used as a deadly powder to administer the zombie transformation. It is said that a second powder composed of dissociatives such as datra is also used. Debbie Daquisto who lived in Trinidad told me that the pop singer Billy Ocean was involved with Obeah (a form of Voodoo) and when he created his song Caribbean Queen, he discovered something unusual in his lyrics. When the lyrics said: “Ah she said I was the tiger she wanted to tame” there was strange devil laughter afterwards. Debbie makes claim that Billy told her that he did not understand where this strange laughter originated from and was quite surprised after he heard the final take of his hit song. Debbie felt that Caribbean Queen was also the incarnation of Trinidad’s Voodoo Queen, but could not substantiante that information from Billy.

Did Billy Ocean conjure up a demonic force by dabbling in Obeah? I guess only Billy will know the true answer. Is Voodoo bad? tell me…..if you stick needles in a doll and a person experiences pain from that curse, I would say it’s bad. If a person is administered a drug without their knowledge and becomes a zombie slave, I would think that is bad. If a Voodoo practicioner summons demonic forces for their own self-gratification, I would say that is bad. So, when it comes to what we should be afraid of, I would think dabbling with the dark arts would be a whole lot scarier that the ghost of Granny Smith who likes to open up the back sliding door. That’s my food for thought.

Preliminary Interview with Devon Lemmenes:
I conducted a preliminary interview with Devon Lemmenes. On Friday, June 19, 2009, my HPI investigative team will be investigating her home for paranormal activity. In my preliminary interview I learn that her home is possibly occupied with 4 entities. There is the ‘Garage Man’ that has caused items to fly off shelves. He has even caused nailed down garage items to fly off the walls. Devon thinks that Sam Bradley (councilman) and Mary Bradley (his wife) haunt her home. Both Sam & Mary died in her home. A psychic once told her that an entity named Evelyn that somehow participated in WWII haunts her home. Could Evelyn have been a Rosie the Riveteer? Devon acquired an EVP from her home and it is a man’s whispery voice saying her name..Devon.

One more thing, before I sign off. Fort Atkinson, WI Paranormal Society, which is an HPI family member, did an investigation at the Ashmore Estates. Read their report here:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator &
Shannon McCabe’s HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
My comic book The Legendary Dark Silhouette is being made into a movie, see link below: – You can actually get involved with this movie, find out how!
Mysteries of Angels & Demons featuring Demonologist Paul Dale Roberts can be purchased at:
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Copyright 2009 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright 2009
all rights reserved.

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Batsquatch Sighted at Mt. Shasta

August 6, 2005

Today is a gorgeous day and I am doing a little bit of yard work with
Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf w/Lil Wayne playing in the background, when
all of a sudden my cell phone rings. The conversation goes like this.
Caller: “Are you the paranormal investigator?” Paul: “Yes, I am with
HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International), how can I
help you?”

Caller: “Me and my friend were hiking around Mt. Shasta and out of one
of the crevices, flew out this big creature. I mean this thing was
huge. It was as tall as a man, as stocky as Hulk Hogan and had leathery
wings. I believe the wing span was at least 50 feet from one end to the
other. I was holding up my camera, but was paralyzed with fear as this
thing flew by. I didn’t get a picture, sorry. What do you think this
might be? Could it have been a pterodactyl? It was flying or gliding
fast, it seemed to have a head of a bat. Thinking about it, it doesn’t
have the head of a pterodactyl, I just saw a picture of a pterodactyl
and the heads are not similar. I would think it had the head of a bat
or maybe more like a fox. The damn thing finally flew into a clump of
trees and vanished. I heard you guys might be going back to Mt. Shasta,
if you do, please look out for this thing. If you see it, you will xxxx
all over yourself, I kid you not.”
The closest thing to what the caller describes is a creature called the
Batsquatch. Batsquatch is seen at Mount St. Helens. Some people
theorize that when Mount St. Helens erupted it also opened up a
dimensional portal, in which the Batsquatch entered. Just like the TNT
factory at Point Pleasant may have caused a dimensional rift that
brought in the Mothman. The Batsquatch has been around since 1980 and
has been seen into present times.

Some small animals have been savagely slaughtered near and around Mt.
St. Helens, could this be the results of a feeding frenzy orchestrated
by the Batsquatch? If so, then this cryptid creature would be
carnivorous. Descriptions of the Batsquatch is that it has the head of
a bat, red eyes, purple skin and wings of a pterodactyl. Mt. Shasta has
not erupted since possibly 1786 as observed by French Naval
Officer/explorer Jean-Francois de Galaup or maybe by some Spanish
explorers. Could the sighting of a Batsquatch creature near Mt. Shasta
be the sign of a future eruption?
There are so many strange and mysterious sightings thoughout our whole
universe. Without actually seeing the creature that the caller
describes, I can’t determine what the caller may have seen with surety.
All I can do is tell the caller is that the next time I am back in Mt.
Shasta with my scouts, we will be looking for Lemurians, UFOs, Bigfoot,
ghosts, Count Saint-Germaine and

What you didn’t know that Count Saint Germaine was sighted in Mt.
Shasta? It’s true, he supposingly met up with an author on the slopes
of Mt. Shasta in the 1930s. The author claimed that Count St. Germaine
told him that he was living in the caverns of Mt. Shasta. The legend of
Count St. Germaine is baffling. He was a man that stepped out of
nowhere, without a past and dazzled a French court. It was said that he
would pop up from time to time across Europe and then would vanish for a
period of time. His vanishing acts would generate gossip and rumors.
Stories abound, that he was immortal, he owned the elixir of life, that
he was a Rosicrucian, a spy and a king that remained incognito.
My theory on Count Saint Germaine is that there were many people
impersonating him. One of those people was no other than Aleister
Crowley who in 1923 wrote in his diary, that he should put on a wig and
impersonate Count Saint Germaine to start another legend. Then in 1926
Count Saint Germaine was spotted in Rome. Was this actually Aleister

All I can say is that Count Saint Germaine is truly a legend and he is
as mysterious as the majestic Mt. Shasta! I love mysteries!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator &
Shannon McCabe’s HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Paul on Wikipedia, click link below:
Staff Writer – Alien Seeker News –
WPRT Paranormal Radio – Content Editor
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this

Copyright © 2009 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright © 2009
all rights reserved.

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